Fringe Twister

Fringe Twister
Item Number: WA-XX-FRT-

Detailed Description

Twisting the fringe is a good way to protect fragile threads from tangling or deteriorating with use. Twisting it by hand is slow and it is difficult to make the fringe uniform. The fringe twister from Leclerc makes it faster and easier. Simply divide each bundle of fringe into halves (or thirds or quarters, depending on how many heads your fringe twister has.) Attach the halves to the clips and turn the handle until the fringe kinks. Unclip the fringe and tie the bundles together with an overhand knot. The bundles will automatically twist back on each other. By counting the revolutions, you can ensure that all of the bundles look the same.

The fringe twister comes in two, three, or four head versions. With more heads, you can divide the fringe bundles into more groups. This creates variations on the basic twisted fringe. It is not necessary to use every head, so you can use only two heads on a three or four head twister if you like.

Not sure how to twist fringe? Deja will show you how!