Four-Sided Fringed Orlon Crib Blanket Kit

Four-Sided Fringed Orlon Crib Blanket Kit
Item Number: WK-YB-124-0000
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Detailed Description

The 8/2 Orlon used for this kit is machine washable and resists fraying, so the fringe will look great wash after wash. We doubled the yarn in both the warp and the weft to give it a little extra thickness, and sett it at 15 doubled ends per inch. The structure is a combination of twill and reverse twill. As you weave, you will use a floating selvedge to extend each weft pick to allow length for the fringe. Then, before advancing the warp, you will cut and tie the weft fringe. Finished size is 28 x 39 plus fringe.

You will need:

  • 36" weaving width
  • 4 harnesses
  • 15 dent reed
  • 420 heddles

We have chosen five pastel colors of the 8/2 Orlon. If you would like the colors as shown, please order the kit above. If you would like to choose your own colors of 8/2 Orlon, order the kit above and then note the five colors you want in the box above. Please click here to see the colors.