Fiesta Placemats Pattern Leaflet

Fiesta Placemats Pattern Leaflet
Item Number: WP-YB-153-

Detailed Description

These placemats are woven using warp-faced plain weave. The stripes are made using the warp yarn while the weft yarn is only seen at the selvedges. We used six colors of 8/2 Orlon for the warp and set it at 24 doubled ends per inch. The weft is four strands of 8/16 Heavy Cotton held together. Past and present colors of Fiesta Ware inspired our color combination. The Orlon colors are paired in light and dark versions of three colors and we matched the weft color to the warp color used at the edges of the mats. The colors are pretty but the mats are quite practical. Orlon is stain-resistant and fray-resistant so these towels can be machine washed and dried.

  • makes 6 placemats, each 13.5" x 18"
  • 4-harness warp-faced plain weave
  • 14" weaving width sett at 24 doubled epi
  • designed for 8/2 orlon and 8/16 cotton
  • challenge--lots of doubled ends to warp but fast and easy weaving

Our placemats were made using 8/2 Orlon in #29 Brilliant Blue, #03 Pale Blue, #969 Brick, #956 Apricot, #610 Golden Yellow, and #935 Pale Yellow, with 8/16 Heavy Cotton in color #963 Royal.

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