Felting Needle 36 gauge triangular tip 4pk

Felting Needle 36 gauge triangular tip 4pk
Item Number: PA-NEEDLE-

Detailed Description

Different types of needles are used for different purposes.

  • 36 gauge triangular tip--for coarse wool, deep felting, or "roughing in" the initial shapes of an object; 3 1/2" long
  • 38 gauge triangular tip--for all purpose work; 3 1/2" long
  • 40 gauge trianglular tip--for detail work; 3" long
  • 38 gauge star tip--for faster felting; 3" long

The triangular felting needles come in packs of 4. The star felting needles come in a pack of 3. The assorted pack has one each of the triangular 36 and 40, and two triangular 38 needles.