Enigma of Shadow Weave Illuminated

Enigma of Shadow Weave Illuminated
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The Enigma of Shadow Weave Illuminated
by Rebecca Winter

You might have defined shadow weave as "like log cabin, but more complicated." While that is true, it falls short of capturing what this fascinating structure is all about. In this book, Rebecca Winter looks into the history of shadow weave, as first introduced by Mary Meigs Atwater, and follows it through a redefinition by Marion Powell. She defines the structure and explores creative ways to use it.


  • 1 Introduction to Shadow Weave--historical review of this structure
  • 2 What Is Shadow Weave?--the characteristics that define shadow weave
  • 3 Basic Design Considerations--use of color, drafting, and practical aspects of weaving it
  • 4 Designing Shadow Weave with the Atwater Method--creating your own designs using this method
  • 5 Powell Conversion and Drafting--Marion Powell's approach to converting Atwater drafts into an easier form
  • 6 Block Theory and Shadow Weave--why it is and why it is not fairly classified as a block weave
  • 7 Designing Shadow Weave--going beyond existing two-color drafts and exploring multi-color options, single color shadow weave, and designing with profile drafts
  • 8 Doubleweave?--is shadow weave derived from doubleweave?
  • 9 Shadow Weave Projects--three towel projects and three scarf projects to get you started weaving in shadow weave
  • 10 Shadow Weave Synopsis--do we need to redefine shadow weave as its own structure?
  • Conclusion--bibliography and sample drafts

Hardcover, 192 pages