Easy Weaving with Supplemental Warps

Easy Weaving with Supplemental Warps
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By Deb Essen. You might already be familiar with supplementary weft structures like overshot or summer and winter. The same principal can be applied to warp yarns, where additional warp ends interact with the ground fabric, creating the pattern. Supplemental warps can expand the types of structures that you can do and make structures you are already familiar with easier to weave! Deb Essen explains the underlying ideas and then walks you through the process of warping the loom with a supplemental warp without needing a second back beam. She shows you how to convert supplementary weft designs like overshot or monk's belt into supplementary warp designs for easy one-shuttle weaving. The book includes thirteen beautiful designs with full instructions so you can put your new techniques into practice. This is an expanded edition of Deb Essen's original work of the same title, published in 2016, now with revised text and more projects!

Hardcover, 141 pages