Soumak & Its Many Faces by Kennita Tully

Soumak & Its Many Faces by Kennita Tully
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Dec. 2-4 (Sat.-Mon.) 10 a.m.-4 p.m. 3 days

Soumak is an ancient tapestry technique that can be used to create texture in weaving.   Kennita Tully will present this 3-day workshop beginning with Single Soumak, which includes closed and open techniques as well as a reverse form to create little “dots” on the surface of the weave. On Day 2,  Vertical Soumak, a unique way to add fine vertical or diagonal lines on the surface of weaving, will be introduced. Day 3 will cover Double Soumak for even more textural possibilities. Tapestries demonstrating the effective use of Soumak in a wide variety of ways will be presented each day.  This workshop is for weavers with basic 2-harness loom weaving knowledge.  Rigid heddle looms are not suitable for this workshop.  The rental fee includes the threading and 12/6 or 12/9 seine cotton warp yarn. 


Click here to sign up for the loom rental and pre-threading. $40.00


No refunds or store credit for class cancellations after Nov. 21 unless we find a replacement for you.


Supply List:

  • Soumak technique does not require a shed.  You may bring a 4-harness loom if you plan to weave a lot of plain weave in your samples but it is not essential.  Most important is the warp is strong and the loom be able to achieve high tension.  Rigid heddle looms will not be suitable for this workshop.
  • 8-dent reed for a sett of 8 epi
  • 12/6 seine cotton  or 12/9 seine cotton for warp or a strong wool or linen warp to get 8 epi
  • Weft yarn should be fine weight and smooth in at least 3 colors.  You can use fibers other than wool, but need to be fine enough to bundle into at least 3 thicknesses.  Additional yarn requirements and information will be emailed to students. 
  • We are offering EPIC wool in half ounce skeins to use for the weft yarn.
  • tapestry beater or fork
  • shed stick
  • tapestry needles
  • scissors

PARKING: The New Hampshire Parking Garage is located at 927 New Hampshire Street.  Top level parking is free.  Level 2 parking is $2.00 to park for the whole day.  Street level and basement level parking is 2-hour free parking.  Pay stations are located at each stairwell on the street level.  Sunday parking is free downtown.