Dappled Scarves, Stoles, or Afghan

Dappled Scarves, Stoles, or Afghan
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Detailed Description

Brushed mohair is warm but incredibly light and airy. With just two skeins, you can make either four 10" x 72" scarves, two 18" x 70" stoles, or a 36" x 65" blanket. The sett and beat are only 5 threads per inch so the set-up and weaving are fast. Pick your colors and pick your project! All pieces can be hand washed and air dried.

You will need:

  • 10" weaving width and 50 heddles for the scarves; 18" weaving width and 90 heddles for the stoles; or 36" weaving width and 180 heddles for the blanket
  • 2 harnesses
  • 10 dent reed
  • boat shuttle and bobbins (a large shuttle is best for the blanket)

Please note: Our scarves were woven using a color of Brushed Mohair that is no longer available, so you'll need to pick your own two colors. Please see our Brushed Mohair page to view the options. Then return to this page, order the kit, and tell us your two color selections in the box above.