Crochet Every Way Stitch Dictionary

Crochet Every Way Stitch Dictionary
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Crochet Every Way Stitch Dictionary
by Dora Ohrenstein

Up your crochet game with a stitch dictionary that emphasizes how each stitch can be altered to provide shaping. In this book, 125 crochet stitches are given in both written and charted form, but not just for flat fabric. Each stitch pattern is given also with instructions for shaping the edge and for internal shaping within the stitch combination. That allows for taking the crocheted fabric and making it three dimensional. You can take this information and create elegantly-shaped garments where the shoulders, collar, and sleeves have a good fit.

The stitches are divided into six categories:

  • Closed stitches
  • Mesh, flet, and easy laces
  • Popping out: textured stitches
  • Exploding shells
  • Classic laces
  • Undulating stitches: ripples and waves

Don't settle for flat crochet in circumstances where shaped fabric would serve you better! This book puts that option in your hands.

Softcover, 287 pages.