Creative Mending

Creative Mending
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By Hikaru Noguchi. A hole, stain, or tear in a treasured garment doesn't have to mean that you discard it. In Creative Mending, Hikaru Noguchi teaches multiple strategies and techniques for repairing the damage but doing it in a way that doesn't hide the transformation. Darning, patching, and stitching are embraced as part of the design.

The book begins with a discussion of the tools and yarns needed, then a description of basic techniques: basket darning, accordion darning, palm darning, honeycomb darning, and tambourine darning. Multiple examples, with photos of the finished piece as well as close-ups of both the front and back of the darn, illustrate what can be done to revive damaged garments. The fixes can be whimsical, elegant, or dramatic, but they are never invisible!

Hardcover, 104 pages