Color Play Towels

Color Play Towels
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Item Number: WK-DE-018-

Detailed Description

Explore the fun you can have with 2-block false damask! This structure creates areas that are warp-dominant and others that are weft-dominant. Adding multiple colors to the mix gives you a fabric that looks almost like large-scale basket weave.

This project makes two towels on the same warp. The towels use different weft colors, so they look coordinated but not the same. This kit is a DJE Handwovens design and the warp has been pre-measured and chained for you. You can go straight to the loom! The warp is made of two colors of 5/2 mercerized cotton sett at 20 epi. The wefts are three colors of the same yarn. The towels measure 15" x 22" and can be machine washed and dried. Please note: The warp length allows for 26" of loom waste. If your loom requires more than that, you will need to make your towels smaller.

You'll need:

  • 17" weaving width
  • 8 harnesses
  • 10-dent reed
  • 338 heddles
  • 2 boat shuttles and 3 bobbins

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