Clasp Warp Weaving April 6-7 Saturday-Sunday

Clasp Warp Weaving April 6-7 Saturday-Sunday
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NOTE: The weaving class listed below is designed for those who have threaded a rigid heddle loom, can follow a draft, and weave independently.

Clasp Warp Weaving

April 6-7 (Sat.-Sun.) 9:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.

Create striking color shifts in your warp by interlocking yarns while threading your rigid heddle loom.  You will learn how to plan a project with this technique and design a unique pattern to weave a scarf, shawl, or runner in class.  You will need to bring your own rigid heddle loom that has a minimum width of 10" to class.  You will also need an 8-dent heddle.  Materials not included in the class fee.  By Bea Bonanno.


  • Bring your rigid heddle loom to class.  It needs to have a minimum width of 10". Please be sure that it is assembled and in good working condition.
  • One 7.5-8-dent heddle appropriately sized to fit your rigid heddle loom
  • Warping Peg and clamp
  • Threading hook
  • 1-2 flat shuttles in a length suitable for the width of the project you choose
  • Two colors of fingering weight or finer yarn in the following amounts: Scarf (8-10 inches) 320-400 yards warp, 200 yards weft; Shawl (10-16 inches) 400-640 yards warp, 200-350 yards weft; Runner (12-20 inches) 500-800 yards warp, 250-400 yards weft

PARKING: The New Hampshire Parking Garage is located at 927 New Hampshire Street.  Top level parking is free.  Level 2 parking is $1.00 to park for the whole day.  Street level and basement level parking is 2-hour free parking.  Pay stations are located at each stairwell on the street level.  Sunday parking is free downtown.