Card Weaving

Card Weaving
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By Candace Crockett. Card weaving, or tablet weaving, is an art that has been practiced for over 2000 years and in areas including North Africa, Asia, Europe, and Iceland. The tools are simple--a pack of cards with holes drilled in them, yarn, and a shuttle. The results can be merely practical, as in functional straps and bands, but also elegant, sophisticated designs.

Candace provides a brief review of the history of card weaving but then dives into "how-to." She covers the process of setting up the warp and cards, illustrated with diagrams, charts, and black and white photos. The center section of the book explores a variety of different pattern sequences to try, accompanied by both color and black and white photos. Candace explains not only how to replicate these designs, but how to alter them, embellish them with special techniques, and design your own. Finally, she covers finishing techniques to add knotting or fringing to the design and joining bands to make a larger piece.

Softcover, 141 pages.