Card Weaving DVD

Card Weaving DVD
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Presented by Candace Crockett. This weaving technique allows you to weave without a loom. It involves simple tools--card-weaving cards and yarn. This video teaches the basic techniques of card weaving, how to measure the warp, thread the cards, set up and weave patterned bands and how to stitch bands together to form larger fabrics. Once the enclosed pattern is selected and the cards are threaded, the weaving goes very quickly. This course involves two projects. The first project is a cotton band which can be used as a belt, neck piece, or strap. The second project, using wool, involves a completely different warping and weaving process and produces numerous patterns which will be woven in four bands which can be stitched together to form a handsome tote bag or purse. All you need are cardweaving cards and cotton or wool yarn.

97 minutes