Boundweave Tote Pattern Leaflet

Boundweave Tote Pattern Leaflet
Item Number: WP-YB-366-

Detailed Description

Boundweave makes a sturdy weft-faced fabric, perfect for a durable tote. Our tote uses four colors of Lamb's Pride Worsted for the weft. The warp is 8/2 linen sett at 8 epi. The assembly is easy--just fold it in half and seam up the sides--while a nifty 4-strand braid becomes the strap.
  • makes 1 tote, 14" x 14" plus strap
  • boundweave using 4-harness rosepath threading
  • 16" weaving width sett at 8 epi
  • designed for 12/9 seine twine and Lamb's Pride Worsted (wool and mohair)
  • challenge--weft repeat juggles lots of color combinations

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