Swedish Quill Winder

Swedish Quill Winder
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Detailed Description

The Swedish quill winder is made to wind the paper or cardboard quills that have a very small shaft opening. It has a built-in screw clamp that mounts it to a tabletop, shelf, or counter, with the shaft running parallel to the edge of the surface. The crank handle mounts on the front of the winder and turns a worm gear, which turns the shaft. The motion is fast and even, allowing you to wind dense, uniform quills quickly. The shaft tapers slightly, allowing for some variation in the quill diameter. At the tip, the diameter of the shaft is approximately 1/8"; at the widest point, it is approximately 3/16". If you like this style of winder but need to wind the larger bobbins, pirns, or spools, see the Swedish bobbin winder.

Note: We love this bobbin winder and it is terrific for personal use. However, because the handle must always be turned clockwise only to prevent damage to the gears, this may not be the best choice for unsupervised use at a guild or in a classroom.