Big, Burly and Beautiful Blanket Pattern

Big, Burly and Beautiful Blanket Pattern
Item Number: WP-YB-373-

Detailed Description

Revel in the gigantic! Super chunky Burly Spun yarn is woven here at 3 ends per inch per layer. The blanket has a great tactile appeal, like your favorite oversized cable sweater. We've designed the blanket so it can be woven on a 26" weaving width. It is woven in double weave, with two layers woven simultaneously, joined at one side. The yarn is a 100% wool single-ply yarn from Brown Sheep. It has a rustic look and feel but softens when it is washed.
  • makes 1 blanket, 42" x 77"
  • 4 harness double weave
  • 26" weaving width sett at 6 epi
  • designed for Burly Spun (wool)
  • challenge--even tension required to make sure layers don't interlock

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