Bateman Weaves, The Missing Monograph

Bateman Weaves, The Missing Monograph
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By Linda Tilson Davis. In the mid-1900s, Dr. William Bateman explored traditional weaving structures and developed new versions of classics like twill but also created new ones, such as park, boulevard, and chevron. The monographs he published at the time describing the new techniques and structures have fallen out of print so this book brings the fascinating concepts back to mind and presents them in a way that is familiar to the modern weaver. This is not a book of drafts or projects, but rather an explanation of the theory of Bateman's different structures, with examples of how they can be used to make dynamic contemporary textiles. All can be done with 8 harnesses and the principles can be extended to use with more harnesses. Some of the concepts are complex but the color drafts and drawdowns make the Bateman weaves intriguing and accessible.

Softcover, 72 pages