Ashford Elizabeth Wheel 30 inch

Ashford Elizabeth Wheel 30 inch
Item Number: SW-ASH-ELIZ30
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Detailed Description

Ashford describes their limited-run Elizabeth 30 as their "premium, super smooth, luxury wheel." They're not wrong! The Elizabeth 30 is made from beech hardwood and has a lacquered finish. Its huge 30" wheel is mounted on ball bearings for a smooth, uniform motion that just won't stop! It can be used either as double drive or Scotch tension. The treadling is smooth and easy, for fatigue-free spinning. In keeping with the traditional look, the Elizabeth 30 has Ashford's original-style flyer with stationary hooks.

The Elizabeth 30's specifications:

  • Wheel diameter: 30"
  • Orifice size: 3/8"
  • Ratios: 10.5., 13.5, 18:1

Each Elizabeth 30 comes with:

  • 4 lacquered double drive bobbins with a 3-4 oz capacity each
  • tensioned lazy kate
  • threading hook
  • learn to spin booklet
  • botton of spinning wheel oil

The wheel ships unassembled.