Anatomy of a Tapestry

Anatomy of a Tapestry
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By Jean Pierre Larochette and Yadin Larochette. This is a wonderful combination of coffee table book and how-to book, with glorious photos to inspire you and clear information to make it possible for you to weave your own tapestry.

The book is organized in the following chapters:

  • History and background of weaving, with an emphasis on European tapestry weaving.
  • Techniques. Each technique is illustrated with a large-scale illustration of the yarn interlacement, a photo of the technique done in a large, simple swatch, and then a photo of the technique taken from a large finished piece.
  • Meta! Musings on tapestry in the form of tapestries woven to interpret tapestry techniques.
  • Tapestry looms and how they work, with illustrations of different types of tensioning devices.
  • Materials. Properties are given for a number of different natural and synthetic fibers, with explanations of how these properties determine which yarns are appropriate for different applications.
  • Finishing and display. These are as important as the weaving itself, as they can determine how a piece looks and how well it lasts. This section includes weaving in ends, lining, constructing supports, and installation.
  • Care of tapestries to prevent damage due to environmental issues and conservation and restoration of older pieces.
  • Storage techniques to prevent damage
  • An introduction to current tapestry artists and their work.

Hardcover over spiral binding, 160 pages