Alice Starmore's Book fo Fair Isle Knitting

Alice Starmore's Book fo Fair Isle Knitting
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By Alice Starmore. This is a reprint of the classic book originally published in 1988. This book covers everything you need to know about Fair Isle knitting, written from one of its greatest advocates. Starmore begins with a short history of this style of colorwork for pieces that are knit in the round. Multiple colors are used but no more than two per round. She defines the different motifs that are historically common. Then she presents a pattern library of hundreds of patterns. They are shown in black and white on a simple grid. The next section covers the use of color, with suggestions for combining colors and many color photos of striking combinations. Technique for successful Fair Isle knitting is covered and then Starmore presents 12 projects for sweaters or accessories, giving complete instructions for each. The final section is creating your own designs and how to adapt the Fair Isle colorwork for your project.

This is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in Fair Isle knitting.

Paperback, 199 pages.