A Modern Guide to Granny Squares

A Modern Guide to Granny Squares
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A Modern Guide to Granny Squares
by Celine Seamaan & Leonie Morgan

Need some encouragement to try crochet granny squares? Author Celine Seamaan says "... a granny square is just the perfect amount of crochet for one sitting, and reaching the end of a pattern fills me with a sense of accomplishment, as granny squares are like mini projects within themselves--that's what I love about them." And these aren't your average squares. Full instructions, in both written and charted form, are given for 40 inventive, dynamic, often asymmetrical, and always colorful, designs. And when you have a few done, you can check the project ideas for combining your squares. New to crochet? The final section of the book will bring you up to speed with clear diagrams showing the basic stitches and techniques.

Softcover, 128 pages.