40/2 Normandy Linen from Henry's Attic

40/2 Normandy Linen from Henry's Attic
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Item Number: WY-LIN402-

Detailed Description

40/2 Normandy Linen, Bleached Ivory or Natural
  • from Henry's Attic
  • 100% wet spun line flax
  • cone sizes vary but are approximately 1 pound
  • 6000 yards per pound
  • sett: 30-40 epi
  • 2-ply with slubs
  • hand wash or machine wash

Normandy linen in the 40/2 weight is a good choice for fabric for lightweight clothing or very fine table linens. It is available in natural gray or bleached ivory. The yarn is mostly even-spun, but has the occasional slub for texture. Depending on the finishing process you use, the surface can be crisp and gleaming or matte and soft. In any case, it will be strong and very absorbent. Mummies were wrapped in linen because of its association with light, purity, and wealth. Who are we to argue with Queen Nefertiti?

The cones vary in weight but are typically about 1 pound. The price per cone is calculated based on the price per pound above.

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