4-harness Rep Mug Rugs Kit

4-harness Rep Mug Rugs Kit
Item Number: WK-YB-178-0000
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Detailed Description

For a quick introduction to rep, try these mug rugs using carpet warp. The warp is sett at 32 epi, so it almost completely covers the weft, and alternates between the two colors. The weft also alternates, but switches between a single strand of carpet warp and a thick weft made of multi-stranded carpet warp. Different treadling sequences create these three designs. The kit makes twelve mug rugs with finished measurements of 5" x 5.5" plus fringe. They can be machine washed and dried.

You will need:

  • 5.5 weaving width
  • 4 harnesses
  • 8 dent reed
  • 84 heddles
  • 2 shuttles

We chose aqua and dark navy for our mug rugs. If you would like the colors as shown, simply order the kit above. If you would like to choose your own two contrasting colors of 8/4 carpet warp, order the kit and then note the two colors you want in the box aabove. Please click here to see the colors.

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