Procion 1 oz

Procion 1 oz
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Procion dyes are used for cellulose fibers, including cotton, linen, and hemp, as well as regenerated cellulose fibers, like rayon, tencel, and bamboo. Procion is a cold water dye, so you can use tap water for the dye bath. For a medium shade, you can expect one ounce to dye 2-3 pounds of fiber, yarn, or fabric. Darker shades require more dye and to get a true black, you may need to double the amount of dye per weight.

For immersion dyeing, you will also need soda ash and table salt. For tie-dyeing or other surface application, you will need soda ash, urea, and table salt. We have instructions for both of these dye methods. If you would like to have them, please request them in the box labeled "Shipping Instructions" during the checkout process.