Crochet Impkins: Over A Million Possible Combinations!

Crochet Impkins: Over A Million Possible Combinations!
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These tiny, mischievous, and adorable creatures will brighten anyone's day with their cute outfits, hairstyles, and big eyes. Crochet Impkins was designed to give you the foundations of making these little creatures and the inspiration to create your own. You'll start with body styles and positions, head and belly styles, then move on to ears, face, and hairstyles. Give your Impkin a hat or accessory, horns or antlers, scales, a tail, or wings! There are enough ideas and choices in this book for over a million possible combinations. The author, Megan Lapp, gives detailed instructions and illustrations on each step and all the construction of piecing your Impkin. Start your mystical Impkin collection today!

soft cover, 176 pages